Being ALIVE!

Have you ever awakened with such a deep, deep knowing, with every cell in your body, that you are infinite and eternal?

Intuitive Pregnancy

I surrendered to the deep trust I have of the brilliance of the body to do what it knows intimately how to do –create and sustain the miracle we call life.

If I died today

Keep yourSelf open to the possibility.
Because magic is real.
Those who seek, shall find it.
After all, life is interpreted through perceptive filters.
Chose the filter you see the world through.

My First Time …teaching Kundalini, that is…

Whoa! What an incredible experience that was! The  day started out in such an interesting way. My lovely friend had posted an article for me to read on my Facebook page many moons ago…I had not yet read it, and decided to do so that morning. Life is so perfect, when we allow it to…