About Me

Recently in life I embraced a Truth that I had been hiding from myself forever: I am divine. This paradigm shift has led me towards a path of rediscovery and connection to the infinite that I AM. Through my writing, I aim to connect with my authentic self and live in the truth of my experience, of my Soul, in the infinite NOW. From where I stand, this is the only way to fully live life.

Stela is my given name. It means “star light”.

Shakti is the Goddess of the Universe; she represents all the universal forces within us that make us one.

This is why I chose the name Stela Shakti for myself.

I aim only to express my Truth by living simply, passionately, compassionately, kindly, creatively, authentically. I release creative pent up energy by writing, painting, and DIYing everything. I love deep conversations, reading, r-evolution, spirituality, science, self-care, kundalini and yin yoga, all animals, Gaia, and plants.

In this blog I share my perspectives of self-exploration and evolution, for it’s own sake… Perhaps the writings move something in you and propel you toward connection with your most spiritual self. I also share some resources that I find helpful– we all need to know where to start. (None of what I write about is endorsed in any way–it is simply my own experience.)

I love open, honest and direct conversations so if you have a thought, please do share it with me.

Sat Nam.

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