It took a decade, but I got it done. My 40 day challenge: Cultivating a new attitude

As you can see, my brain comes up with whatever it can to prevent me from doing what I know in my depths that I need, and absolutely choose, to do. By connecting to my Self first thing in the morning, and doing so by choice, has allowed me to finally complete a practice I have been trying to do for years. The difference now is, I know, with every fiber in my body, that the way I live my life is my choice.

Her Legacy: Lessons of Alzheimer’s

I am grateful for her surrender to her dis-ease because it allowed me to see her for who she was— not the mask of the defensive personality that she had been wearing for over 70 years on this planet, but her pure essence. I saw her essential expressions shining through. I saw the pure joy, pure strength, pure compassion, pure vulnerability, pure love she held within her. And I loved her evermore. The way she lived with this dis-ease for 10 years proved to me she was truly, unquestionably brilliant. She loved life, and she manifested the life she subconsciously desired.

Inhaling the Mystery, Exhaling the History.

Because we try to silence the experience of the body and impose culturally conditioned responses and logic to it, we don’t heal. We make incremental changes to our perception, and we sustain our self-deprecating, false, limiting beliefs. After all, they kept us safe until now. And they don’t work.