We Respect Our Children, We Say…

What would happen if, instead of teaching our children to trade in their innate curiosity for a life of attachments that promises to keep them safe, we taught them to look within for the answers? What if we taught them that they are valued, loved, cared for, regardless of their external accomplishments? What if we taught them to question everything, including us? What if, instead of pressuring them to become someone we accepted them exactly as they are? What if we allowed them space to chant, to express themselves creatively, to play without restrictions, to care less about their appearance, to love themselves unconditionally, to love animals and Gaia, to befriend everyone, to trust their instincts, to always speak their truth, to connect to their ancestors, to meditate, to just be themselves?

What a wonderful world we would create.

Why I Chose the Serenity of Nature Over Civilization

I continue to choose this particular lifestyle because it provides me with a sense of peace like no other place I’ve ever lived in before. I believe I finally found home. And in finding home, I found serenity.